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Hello everybody, we are new here because recently we have discovered this fabulous Nico comunity, many thanks for creating it!!
We have two sites devoted to Nico, if you want to check it and join :)
one is a fan Nico yahoo group, the url is: and at links section you will find this comunity
The other is a fan site devoted to The Doors where Nico is at biographies section, the url is: and soon I'll add this comunity to the links section.

Many thanks a nd have a nice day!!


frozen borderline

Can anyone that owns The Frozen Borderline tell me if the album booklet has lyrics? I'd love an official source for Nico lyrics - there doesn't seem to be one online.

Nico Website and both have Nico lyrics but not with official sources - for all I know the site authors are transcribing the lyrics themselves.

Thanks =)

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Does anyone know where I might find the bootleg album of Nico & Tangerine Dream at the Reims cathedral? It's called "Atmospherics a Notre-Dame".

Anyone seen it on a filesharing program or torrents?

Les Bleu des origines

I recently found the Philippe Garrel & Nico film "Les Bleu des origines" on emule. Within an hour of downloading I had about half the film, but suddenly sources started disappearing until there were none left.
I'm wondering if any community members here might have the file downloaded themselves and would like to help out a fellow Nico fan by sharing? I've wanted to see this film, and the other post-1972 Nico+Garrel films for years and had almost given up hope till now!

It also might be worth noting that Le Berceau de Cristal (another Garrel & Nico film) has some available sources on emule. Anyone interested should google emule and install the program, and the film should be available to download.

Thanks for any help!
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 Dear Fellow Nico fans,

Does anyone know where I can purchase a cd of "Nico at CBGB's"? APOP records has it along with several other rarities but they never answer my emails and when I called them they said that they would get back to me and never did.

Of course, the purpose of this posting is to possibly be able to  purchase the cd, not to tear apart APOP records.

Thanks much
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(no subject)

Hi everyone this is sort of late notice but I was supposed to go see Lou Reed tomorrow night in NYC with my dad and my bro but my dad backed out and so did my mom . So I have two extra tickets now and I am looking to sell them. If anyone is interested the doors open at 7 and concert starts at 9 you can contact me here or at my screen name. sounaffectionate on aim. I will be going to the show with my brother and I am trying to sell my other two tickets. If you are interesting please get in touch.


I made this a while ago from screen shots of "I a Man" video on youtube.

These are also screenshots of Nico from videos found on YouTube

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